The two firms are joining to offer water utility managers a new opportunity.

GBA Master Series, Inc., Kansas City, Mo. and Hydroscope, Inc. USA , Albuquerque, N.M. formed a strategic partnership resulting in enhanced technologies for waterline condition assessment and asset management. The two firms are joining to offer water utility managers the opportunity to proactively manage waterline assets in a cost-effective manner. Patented Hydroscope condition assessment equipment and analysis software is employed to determine the true conditions of cast iron, ductile iron, and steel waterlines. This information, through use of the new Hydroscope Waterline Manager module developed by GBA Master Series, can be directly incorporated into the established GBA Water Master application. GBA Water Master provides a water distribution system inventory, inspection and testing database that can be used by a Water Utility to identify system trends and assist in planning rehabilitation and replacement activities. Hydroscope uses condition assessment results with a probability of failure model to predict the remaining useful lives of waterlines. Considering risk assessment factors, a prescriptive restoration plan is developed. When a Water Utility commits to implementation of the restoration plan through contracted asset management program services with Hydroscope, serviceability of waterlines is guaranteed over a 15-year period. Visit