The USDA, NRCS and RAD require contractor support. All of the specialists provided by the contractor must have experience in Sun/Solaris UNIX and Microsoft Windows computer environments and other software environments adopted by RAD. They must be able to work under tight deadlines to determine the most efficient and accurate analytical procedures and ensure that all deliverables conform to industry standards for analysis, map generation, and publication development as well as meet NRCS-specified style guides and content standards. Database and statistical analysis: Use SAS, Standard Query Language(SQL),Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access to perform complex mathematical and statistical operations and to compile and refine complex datasets, evaluate database organization and design for the databases in RAD. Provide recommendations on reorganizing data and querying databases to provide efficient access to the data. GIS analysis and preparation of maps, geospatial datasets, and metadata: Use ArcInfo, ArcView, and ERDAS imagery analysis software, digitizing tablets, and other related GIS equipment for geospatial analysis and map production. Map preparation includes production for web applications and for print publication. Development of software utilities or shell scripts in UNIX shell scripts and C Programs, Java,Visual Basic, Arc Macro Language, and other languages common to analysis, GIS, and web applications is also required.

Zahra Hashmi, contract specialist, Phone: 202-720-2335, Fax: 202-720-7149, E-mail: