A-E services are required for military installations and civil locations within the geographical area serviced by the South Pacific Division. Military boundaries include Calif., Ariz., Nev., and Utah, while civil boundaries include Calif., Ore., Nev., Utah, Ariz., Wyo., and Colo. A specific scope of work and services required shall be issued with each task order. Drawings may be prepared in the metric system of measurement. The work may be required for either civil or military projects. Task orders issued under this contract may include miscellaneous photogrammetric mapping, related aerial photography and lab work, digitized database mapping in Intergraph, AutoCad, and terrain modeling. Specialized experience and technical competence in the following are required: Capability and recent experience in photogrammetric compilation at scales ranging from 1"20 to 1"400'; digitized database mapping in Intergraph, AutoCad, M.G.E. and ArcInfo G.I.S. compatible formats; analytical bridging; aerial photography; lab services; GPS and conventional field control (horizontal and vertical); field topographic surveys at scales 1"-20' to 1"-50'; and miscellaneous surveying services. Experience in horizontal control surveys, vertical control surveys, GPS control surveys, topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys, photogrammetric mapping, GIS, analytical triangulation, orthophotos, aerial photography and lab processing is required. Past performance on Corps of Engineers and other contracts with respect to cost control, quality of work and compliance with performance schedules is helpful. At least one registered land surveyor is required. The following personnel must be registered or highly trained: GPS technician, photogrammetrist, GIS programmer, GIS, Systems technician, CADD technician, draftsman, aerial photography pilot, aerial photographer and lab technician.

Mr. Stanley Shibata, unit leader, A-E Negotiations Unit,(916) 557-740; Contract Specialist: Barbara Marshall, (916)557-5178 (Site Code DACW05)