NovaLIS Technologies, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, will release Land Development Office this fall. Land Development Office is designed to automate local government growth management practices.

The product will replace Local Government Office, but builds on the functionality and workflow of the product. Permitting, code compliance, licensing, planning and project tracking can all be automated through Land Development Office. It also features data entry tools such as cloning and drop down menus. Land Development Office allows users to share information amongst departments and other software systems by providing a unified interface for all land development data across departments. It can also be integrated with third party software such as reporting tools. In addition, Land Development Office can be web enabled. Land information can be shared throughout an entire jurisdiction using its web interface.

Land Development Office’s complete GIS integration with ESRI’s ArcView 3.2 or 8.1 provides mapping and GIS capabilities to users. To retrieve property and parcel information, users can press a button to see the results on their query on a map. GIS is built in to the product, which allows users to simultaneously access digital maps and spatial analysis.