THALES Navigation, Santa Clara, Calif., announced that the new Ashtech DG16 GPS+Beacon+SBAS receiver will be available in November 2001. The GPS+Beacon+SBAS receiver is an OEM single board solution for high-end integration in sub-meter positioning and navigation applications. DG16 is a 16-channel receiver with 12 GPSL1 code and carrier channels, two optional Satellite Based Augmentation Systems channels (WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS) and two optional 300 kHz DGPS Beacon channels. The DG16 GPS board can benefit construction, land and marine navigation, agriculture, GIS, photogrammetry, tracking and other applications.

“Users will find the DG16’s advanced features, extreme accuracy and versatility very appealing,” said Thomas Hunter, THALES Navigation’s vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for commercial products. “One of its distinguishing features is the ability to accept corrections from multiple sources to users can benefit from remote operations in areas where heavy foliage so other conditions prevent optimal signal tracking. Users can choose either manual or automatic selection of the best correction source. The DG16 will also use a combination of all the sources to provide the best solutions using the Integrated Differential Optimization feature.”

In addition to these features, the DG16 can output SBAS ranging, ephemeris and differential corrections in addition to Beacon corrections through the serial port. It offers optimal signal tracking and enhanced Ashtech Edge and Strobe Correlator technologies for better accuracy in shaded environments and improved multipath mitigation. The DG16 includes a low power consumption/sleep mode, 20 Hz position and raw data output rate, session programming, many coordinate transformation options, advanced in-band and out-of-band interference rejection capabilities and improved under-tree tracking. User-defined messages allow for versatility in extracting data and reduced latency provides more accurate data. The DG16 has a Kalman filter for position prediction and offers user-selected dynamic modes for varying operating conditions. It is backward compatible with THALES Navigation’s Ashtech G12 GPS receiver hardware and interface. The compatible Ashtech Evaluate software provides visual displays of satellite information, receiver position and velocity as well as data and logging analysis. For more information, visit , or