Contract for civil works projects at various locations in the Los Angeles District (southern California, Arizona, southern Nevada, and southern Utah.) This announcement is open to all businesses. Respondents must be licensed to perform surveying and mapping in California, Arizona, southern Nevada and southern Utah. The majority of the work and services will be for civil works projects, and some work and services for military projects. Contractors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration database, prior to award of contract, basic agreement, basic ordering agreement or blanket purchase agreement. Lack of registration in the CCR database will make the offer ineligible. To register online, visit the CRR homepage at: Work and services may consist of any combination of all phases of aerial mapping and field surveying.

West Region Branch, Daniel Carrasco (213) 452-3230; Mary Ann Powers (213) 452-3254; Technical Information, Harvey Beverly (626) 401-4056; Contracting Division, Tina Frazier (213) 452-3252.