A/E contract for Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Project to include surveying, civil surveys for boundary and topographical, design and construction management and inspection of hazardous materials, fire safety, elevators, acoustics, security, geotechnical testing, quality control testing, quality checks for primary and secondary services, hazardous material construction testing and inspection and HVAC systems construction commissioning.

John Morse, contracting officer, (303) 236-7250 http://www.eps.gov/spg/GSA/PBS/8PC/GS-08P-01-JBD-0094. Mail submittals to General Services Administration, PBS, Colorado = Service Center (8PC) Attn: John Morse, P.O. Box. 25546 Denver, CO 80225-0546 (overnight delivery – Bldg. 41, Rm 246, Denver Federal Center, 6th Ave. & Kipling St. Mark the envelope in the lower left corner: “GS-08P-01-JBD-0094.” The SF’s 254 and 255 must be received by the above POC by 4 p.m. local time, October 17, 2001.