CARIS, a geomatics software developer, has announced the winners of its 2002CARIS Authorized Strategic Alliance Program VIP Awards. Issued annually,the Awards recognize the support and sale of CARIS brand software andservices of the top three Program Members for the previous year.

Earning Gold status is Maicons Technology Sdn. Bhd in Selangor, Malaysia.Silver is awarded to ARCHI Information Technology Co. Ltd. from Pusan,Korea, followed by Laurel Industrial Company, Inc. of San Jose, Californiaearning Bronze.

The annual selection of CARIS' Strategic Alliance VIPs is quantitative. Asthe more than forty international Strategic Alliance Program members workthroughout the year in support of CARIS, they earn points for theirefforts. Points are accumulated and totaled at the end of the year toreveal the top members.

Founded in 1991, CARIS' Strategic Alliance Program provides a framework andsupport system whereby third party organizations can work cooperativelywith CARIS in the sale or integration of its geospatial data management andpresentation software internationally.

As 2002 Strategic Alliance VIPs, Maicons Technology Sdn. Bhd, ARCHIInformation Technology Co. Ltd., and by Laurel Industrial Company, Inc.will be presented with a number of incentives from CARIS includingpromotion throughout 2002 as a CARIS VIP.

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