MAPublisher-SVG files retain all data attribute tables and present them uniquely.

Avenza Systems Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, announced the beta release of its scalable vector graphics (SVG) initiative, MAPublisher-SVG.

MAPublisher-SVG is a complete set of Adobe Illustrator plugins, JavaScript applets and HTML code for use with MAPublisher, that allows MAPublisher GIS maps to be exported as data-rich SVG files for delivery on the Internet or Intranets. A similar set of files for use with Macromedia FreeHand is currently in development.

Unlike standard SVG files, which are natively exportable by Adobe Illustrator, MAPublisher-SVG files retain all the data attribute tables and present them in a searchable and queriable manner. Through the use of the included JavaScript applets and HTML template files MAPublisher-SVG files can be searched and queried in an Internet or Intranet browser.

Now any MAPublisher-created file can be quickly and easily published on the Internet while retaining its spatial database of information.

Key features of MAPublisher-SVG include: MAPublisher-SVG export filter for Adobe Illustrator (Mac and Windows), an attribute Frame JavaScript applet for displaying attributes of MAPublisher-SVG layers, a Query Frame JavaScript applet for querying data attributes of MAPublisher-SVG map layers, starter HTML files code necessary to deliver the map and applets in a web browser.

MAPublisher-SVG is currently not available for purchase. Pricing and availability will be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator users may experiment with it at no charge. The product may be downloaded from