Z/I Imaging Corporation Releases TerraShare Ortho Manager

Z/I Imaging Corporation, Huntsville, Ala., released its new orthophoto management and distribution module of its TerraShare product family at the annual Intergeo Conference in Cologne, Germany. TerraShare Ortho Manager provides users the ability to display a single image backdrop that covers the entire project area from a desktop GIS or CAD application.

TerraShare Ortho Manager combines the TerraShare client/server image management and distribution system with an imaging engine to deliver thousands of georeferenced images as a single seamless raster backdrop. Designed to meet the demand for tools to manage large amounts of imagery data in a production or exploitation environment, the product extends its storage and distribution system to GIS and CAD software users. TerraShare Ortho Manager operates as a plug-in to existing GIS and CAD desktop software applications in order to provide quick startup without disruption to current workflow. It supports standard georeferenced image formats such as GeoTIFF, TIFF World, USGS DOQ, MrSID and NITF.

The TerraShare system also includes administrative tools to assist with setup, adding and removing disk storage, loading images, archiving and system monitoring. Users can track images and associated metadata through the enterprise using a preferred database.