Web site is designed to help reduce the burden of complying with laws.

Small business owners now will have access to legal and regulatory business information through BusinessLaw.gov—a new Web site designed to help reduce the burden of complying with laws and regulations, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced today.

BusinessLaw.gov is part of one of the 23 projects at the core of the Bush Administration’s e-government strategy.

The White House Task Force on E-Government has recognized BusinessLaw.gov as a premier Internet tool for small businesses. The Web site consolidates and indexes, in one central location, links to credible sources of information on 39 areas of general interest ranging from the most basic topics, such as licenses and permits, to highly specialized topics, such as e-commerce and exporting. The site also offers information specific to each state and territory including sections on “Hiring Employees,” “Paying Taxes” and “Selecting a Location.” To serve a variety of user preferences, it features interactive tools, searchable frequently asked questions and answers, downloadable forms and publications, electronic regulatory compliance guides and portal capability.

BusinessLaw.gov uses searchable “frequently asked questions” and interactive digital guides – “business wizards” – to lead small business customers to the answers they need in the business cycle. For more information about all of the SBA’s programs for small businesses, visit the SBA’s extensive Web site at www.sba.gov.