Input sought for sites in 2006 and beyond.

Sites for ACSM annual spring conventions have been selected for 2002-2005: 2002 Washington, D.C.: joint conference with FIG and ASPRS 2003 Phoenix, Ariz.: joint conference with Arizona Professional Land Surveyors 2004 Nashville, Tenn.: joint conference with Tenessee Assoc. of Prof. Surveyors 2005 Las Vegas, Nev.: joint conference with Nevada Assoc. of Prof. Land Surveyors, California Land Surveyors Assoc., and Western Federation of Professional Surveyors.

Input of members, exhibitors, and other potential attendees is important as future sites are selected. For 2006, ACSM has discussed the possibility of a joint conference in Louisville, KY with Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors, and possibly with one or more of the following state societies: Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio, Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association, and Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors. To date, only the Kentucky society has confirmed that it will join ACSM. Other sites that have been suggested are Orlando, Fla. and Portland, Ore. ACSM continues to look for other organizations with whom to hold joint meetings, possibly organizations with a focus on cartography and GIS as well as on surveying. There are currently no plans in place for fall conferences.