Enhanced GeoMedia-Hansen Interface extends Intergraph's transportation geospatial products.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions has expanded the company's transportation infrastructure management solutions by offering new interface capabilities that merge Intergraph's GeoMedia technology with Hansen's Roadway and Pavement modules. An enhancement to Intergraph's existing GeoMedia-Hansen Interface, these new capabilities will seamlessly integrate linearly referenced roadway and pavement attribute data managed by Hansen software with the sophisticated map display in GeoMedia. The existing GeoMedia-Hansen Interface product enhances infrastructure management productivity and provides a seamless, fully bi-directional solution for managing both the attribute and spatial components of water, wastewater, and storm water systems, as well as properties and other municipal assets.

Now available, the new functionality allows users to access related spatial and tabular data more efficiently and accurately and simplifies roadway asset management and maintenance for state departments of transportation, turnpike authorities, and county transportation agencies. Unique in the industry, the interface improves decision making and planning by adding components for spatial analysis, thus maximizing the value of data maintained with Hansen software.

Intergraph is demonstrating the enhanced GeoMedia-Hansen Interface today through Sept. 19, in booths 9 & 10 at the HEEP 2002 Conference in St. Louis.

Seamless Environment for Visualizing Roadway Assets
Intergraph's GeoMedia-Hansen Interface now will make all native GeoMedia, GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia Transportation Manager, GeoMedia Transportation Analyst, and new Hansen V7.6 roadway and pavement management functions available from either product - regardless of which application is open on the user's desktop. Joint Intergraph and Hansen customers will have key spatial analysis features to:

  • Visualize distributed attributes along a roadway, such as a roadway surface type or average daily traffic
  • Display pavement conditions for inspection intervals along a roadway
  • View pavement inspections based on any searchable field including index range, inspection date, or surface type
  • See results of rehabilitation management runs "on-the-fly"
  • Inspect exact sections of roadways that a work order applies to - for example, look at all roadway sections that have had grass mowed during July

Software components required to implement the GeoMedia-Hansen Interface product include Hansen V7.5 or V7.6, GeoMedia or GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia Transportation Manager or GeoMedia Transportation Analyst, and the Hansen GIS Link ActiveX/COM interface. For product information about the GeoMedia-Hansen Interface or to learn more about Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, visit the Web site at www.intergraph.com/gis.