Latest version designed for use with new ACU controller.

Trimble introduced a new version of its Trimble Survey Controller software, designed specifically for use with the new Trimble Attachable Control Unit (ACU). Together, these two additions to the Trimble Toolbox of integrated surveying solutions are designed to allow surveyors to work smarter and faster, enhancing productivity and improving workflow.

Trimble Survey Controller software, operating on the ACU controller combines powerful data collection capabilities with an intuitive, color, graphical, and easy-to-use interface.

The ACU controller, representing the next generation in survey controllers, is designed to work with Trimble’s surveying systems, including the 5600 Total Station. Providing a graphical, interactive user interface capable of operating as part of the total station or as a standalone tool, the ACU is a powerful, color Windows CE based data collection tool.

Providing significant benefits in many survey functions, the Trimble Survey Controller is ideal for geodetic, topographic, construction, and surface measurement survey work, among others. The software also includes many special features specifically designed for use with Trimble mechanical, servo, Autolock and robotic total stations.

Key features and benefits of Trimble Survey Controller and ACU combination include:

  • Graphical Interface – Color graphics improve navigation and positioning and speed up stakeout and data selection. Do all your work from a real-time map display.
  • Touch-Screen– Simply press the appropriate graphical icon hot-key for rapid mode switching.
  • Bluetooth technology – Trimble Survey Controller supports Bluetooth for cable-free communication between devices.
  • Full Control – Handles full instrument control, calibration, and measurement techniques for Trimble servo, Autolock and robotic total stations. Laser range finder instruments are also supported.
  • Flexible Modes – Choose the interface that suits you: graphical or text-based. Toggle between modes at any time.
  • Languages – Available in 10 languages with software help tips.

Trimble Survey Controller software for the new ACU controller, working on a 5600 Total Station, is available now through Trimble’s Engineering and Construction Division dealer network.