Contest rewards users for best contributed code and graphics.

Eastman Kodak Company's Research Systems Inc. (RSI) is offering its software users the ability to share their work on a community Web site and enter a contest for the best code and graphics developed using RSI's IDL programming language.

User-Contributed Library Web Site
RSI's new User-Contributed Library Web site is available at The site was developed to give RSI users the opportunity to easily share programming code, images, data and technical white papers with other members of the RSI software community. By submitting and retrieving files on the Web site, users can build on the expertise of other IDL and ENVI software users, and find useful examples, utilities, algorithms and applications.

With the ability to rate downloaded files and view statistics about access to their contributions, users can evaluate the popularity of their work. In addition, users are invited to direct other developers to their own Web sites and independent code libraries.

IDL Code and Graphics Contests RSI is offering two contests: one for submitting code generated using IDL software, and the other for submitting graphics. Contest entries will be judged by David Stern and a panel of RSI employees. Code entries will be judged on elegance, usefulness and user-friendliness. Graphics entries will be judged on content, image quality and aesthetics.

The deadline for submission of code or graphics is October 31, 2002. Two winners, one for both graphics and code entries, will be chosen. The winners will be announced on November 15. The prize for each contest is the winner's choice of an IDL home-use license or registration for one person at any RSI-sponsored IDL training course. Additional information about the contests can be found at the following Web address: