The concept for the special offer was developed by ACSM and ESRI.

The ACSM Board of Direction will now offer part of the revenue derived from the sale of ArcView 8.1 through an arrangement with ESRI to state surveying societies. Any state society that has agreed to help with promotion will receive revenue when any of their members who are also ACSM members purchase the software and declare that the purchase is a result of promotion by the state society. The concept for the special offer developed by ACSM and ESRI is to get GIS software into the hands of surveyors so they can become familiar with how it works begin to market relevant surveying services to the GIS marketplace. The initial deadline for taking advantage of the offer, which has been advertised by ACSM since June, is set for December 31, 2001. If enough interest can be generated within the next month, there is a possibility that the offer may be extended into next year. For information contact Trish Milburn,