The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (CoE) Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) program, Reston, Va., has a receiving station team and equipment that can deliver SPOT imagery for disaster monitoring in 30 minutes. Imagery of coastal areas and statewide military posts appear on The U.S. Army's Eagle Vision II mobile receiving station's users' monitors for visual assessment within 30 minutes of signal reception from a satellite. The Eagle Vision II station is currently located at the Army's Engineer Research and Development Center in Alexandria, Va. Its "circle of reception" extends radially up to 2,500 km. The baseline imagery currently being collected will be used to produce rapid comparative "change detection" from SPOT imagery recently acquired after a disaster. Initial RNA collections focus on the coast between Virginia and Florida, with emphasis on the CoE's South Atlantic Division. The CoE RNA program includes cooperation with FEMA (Region 4) and state and local governments.