RADARSAT International (RSI), Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) of Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada announced that two international network stations have been awarded RADARSAT-1 product certification. Geo-Informatics & Space Technology Development (GISTDA), Bangkok, Thailand, and the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espacias (INPE), Cuiaba, Brazil, were the two stations awarded certification.

To gain certification, stations must demonstrate their ability to process received RADARSAT data to RADARSAT program-compliant Level 1 imagery products, which can be ingested into and displayed by commercial software. Certification allows network stations to broaden their distribution channels and penetrate a wider market. It also ensures that clients will receive image products that meet the same standard and format, regardless of which network station produces them. To learn more about RADARSAT International, visit www.rsi.ca.