Web Exclusive! New and Notable

Spicer CorporationreleasedViewCafe 3.0 featuring enhancements to functionality, performance and the integration API. Powered by Java 2 and Java 3D technology, ViewCafe lets users conduct document viewing, markup and collaborative review sessions for over 200 file formats—such as CAD, vector, raster, hybrid and office files including MS Word, Excel and Adobe PDF—through a configurable browser-based interface. ViewCafe's introduction of 3D CAD model viewing and manipulation capabilities for IGES, STL, VRML and XGL/ZGL formats make it among the first to offer Java 2-enabled 3D model viewing on the Web in a 100 percent pure Java applet for complete client-side, platform-independent functionality. (Spicer Corporation, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Safe Software Inc. announced the immediate availability of GML 2 support across its entire product line. FME Suite, FME Objects and SpatialDirect software users can now easily move data between GML 2 and more than 100 unique GIS, CAD and database systems. FME Suite users can perform GML 2 translations and sophisticated processing tasks with point-and-click ease. FME Objects (which includes both API and OEM versions) provides a gateway that allows third-party applications to support GML 2 data. SpatialDirect allows organizations to distribute data in GML 2 format over the Internet. (Safe Software, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

GiveMePower Corporation and Advantech Automation Corporation announced an agreement to jointly distribute GiveMePower’s PowerCAD CE mobile CAD solutions on Advantech’s 10.4" MobiPanel Windows CE 3.0 wireless web tablet. The systems being offered deliver full-featured computer-aided design and paperless blueprint processing on a 10.4" high-resolution, ruggedized tablet with optional 802.11b wireless syncing to leading desktop CAD programs such as AutoCAD, MicroStation and GiveMePower’s own PowerCAD Pro and PowerCAD LT+ desktop systems. Three different PowerCAD CE versions feature up to 300 2D and 3D CAD functions, redlining and freehand sketching, round-trip support for industry standard AutoCAD file formats, LISP and C/C++ programming and exclusive VoiceNOTE audio note keeping and collaboration technology, eliminating the need for time-consuming text markup. Able to operate up to six hours on a single charge, the MobiPanel features an Intel StrongArm 206Mhz CPU with 128 MB SDRAM and 32 MB flash ROM, Windows CE 3.0, magnesium housing and internal shock absorbing able to withstand a 3 foot drop and -10?C to 50?C spill and dust-resistant operation. (GiveMePower, Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (Advantech, Cincinnati, Ohio)

Wind2 Software Inc. released Wind2 Award Web Edition, a fully web-based client relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software product designed specifically for enterprise-wide deployment by professional services organizations (PSOs). Award Web Edition ensures that employees have access to important client, opportunity, staff and project experience information by allowing them to build a client-centric sales and marketing program across the organization. (Wind2, )

DMTI Spatial released CanMap Streetfiles V6.2, CanMap RouteLogistics V6.2, and CanMap Rail V1.1. CanMap Streetfiles V6.2 is the mapping base for DMTI Spatial’s suite of data and geocoding products. CanMap Rail V1.1 continues to be Canada’s only nationwide 1:50,000 scale precision-based railway line data. New features of CanMapRail V1.1 include Canada/U.S. border attribution that provides US rail owner/operator, railway station of entry and state that the railway segment enters. CanMap RouteLogistics generates address-based optimal routes, presentation quality maps and “real street” driving directions. (DMTI Spatial, Markham, Ontario, Canada)

Navcom Technology Inc. introduced the Safari Network SR-7100 System. The Safari Network product line utilizes NavCom’s wireless communications expertise to provide mobile users in harsh environments with local wireless networks. The SR-7100 System offers a revolutionary data communications solution for systems integrators looking to expand their customers’ network communications systems to the remote mobile environment. The SR-7100 System extends traditional applications to remote and mobile environments enabling the creation of many new applications targeted specifically to mobile assets. An advantage is that it is a one-time purchase and operates in the license-free band, eliminating both the licensing process associated with licensed systems and monthly connection charges incurred with traditional cellular solutions. At the base station location, the system is centrally managed and can easily be used as a gateway to other wired networks such as a private LAN, the Internet, and the public switched telephone network. The Safari Network SR-7100 System handles multiple sessions of varied data types simultaneously and has a 20-mile range that can be extended through its repeater capability. It builds on NavCom’s communications systems expertise to provide the necessary features and capabilities to wirelessly meet most fleet management, data acquisition, machine control and local area networking application requirements. (Navcom Technology, Redondo Beach, Calif.)

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced GeoMedia Transaction Manager 5.0, a long term transaction versioning, and temporal data management software solution that provides a true enterprise approach to managing spatial information. GeoMedia Transaction Manager 5.0 is built on GeoMedia architecture to provide an open and flexible environment for workflow and command customization. GeoMedia's robust technology leverages Oracle Spatial and Oracle's Workspace Manager functionality, to enable multiple users to access and update Oracle data while managing historical spatial data and safeguarding the integrity and validity of valuable enterprise geospatial information. Key features of GeoMedia Transaction Manager effectively manage long term transactions for organizations such as land information management, mapping, and transportation agencies that build and maintain data models within or across departments. GeoMedia Transaction Manager capabilities include just-in-time locking; change management; project collaboration; and temporal data capture, query, and visualization. (Intergraph, Huntsville, Ala.)

The CEDRA Corporation released Avenue Wraps. A new publication comprised of more than 600 pages, Avenue Wraps offers detailed information describing the process of how Avenue code can be converted into Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications code. When converting code, the easiest conversion work occurs when there is a direct one to one correspondence of the items that need to be converted. Based upon the word wraparound, Avenue Wraps offers this one to one correspondence. Simply by substituting the appropriate Avenue Wrap equivalent for the Avenue request, an Avenue script becomes a VB/VBA macro. More than 250 of the most popular Avenue requests are resented in Avenue Wraps. No searching through the ArcObjects Developer Help, no scratching your head as to how to convert GetFTab into the appropriate ArcObjects Property, or how to get the Legend for a Theme. Discussing general Avenue to VB/VBA syntax differences, Views, Themes, Tables, Selection Sets, Graphic Elements, Querying, Calculating, File I/O operations, Message Boxes, User-Document interaction, Manipulation of Feature Shapes, Legends, Classifications and Application deployment, Avenue Wraps contains numerous samples that will cut your conversion effort by more than 70 percent. (CEDRA, Rochester, N.Y.)

Nikon’s Semiconductor Inspection Technologies Group (SITECH) introduces their most advanced overlay measurement system to the U.S. market. The NRM-3000 combines Nikon’s superior optics, advanced technology and immense experience in semiconductor photolithography to provide automatic measurement of overlay and NSR focus marks with the highest-speeds and exceptional precision. The NRM system features a high-precision, dedicated optical system with exceptional aberration management. The Nikon objective lens is designed specifically for overlay measurement and offers unsurpassed imaging performance with an exceptional high S/N ratio and high dynamic range characteristics. The illumination system is bright and optically matched to the imaging system. It employs a fiber optic delivery system to an efficient and affordable quartz-halogen lamp. The NRM-3000 employs a high precision, actively damped stage and a new EGA alignment control technology, to assure correct and fast measurements. This has resulted in a class leading throughput performance of 150 wafers per hour (5 points/wafer). Waferless recipe creation offers automatic recognition of stepper alignment marks and other unique patterns. The creation of recipes without wafers on the stage is ideal for small lot, multiple productions. Options for the NRM-3000 include a Stepper Management System (analysis for registration, distortion, stepping, reticle rotation and focus), the NSR Focus Mark Measurement System (high-speed, precision measurement of Nikon’s exclusive NSR wedge-shaped focus marks), Recipe Management Functions (network control for the creation, portability and storage of recipes and data) and Arbitrary Angle Measurement (high speed and precision measuring of overlay marks at any angle). (Nikon, Melville, N.Y.)

CARIS delivered a Spatial Fusion web-mapping application to the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) bringing efficiencies in emergency planning and management. Through a standard web browser, all EMO staff can now find and display quickly, topographical maps and provincial base data. The application eliminates the need for EMO to purchase, store and maintain paper maps, which become outdated quickly. Since the electronic map data accessed through the Spatial Fusion application is being updated on a regular basis, users have the most up to date information available whenever or wherever needed. CARIS Spatial Fusion is the web-mapping development platform used to build this customized web-based GIS solution. Spatial Fusion's unique distributed service-based architecture allows data in its native format to be securely shared across EMO's Intranet. (CARIS, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada)

A.R.E. Inc. has issued a four-color, 16-page product catalog, detailing the company’s entire consumer cap and tonneau product lines, as well as A.R.E.'s Deluxe Commercial Units, designed for work trucks. It outlines each model, along with all, specifications and available options. To request a catalog, please call 1-800-649-4ARE, or visit the company's website at www.4are.com

NovaLIS Technologies is integrating Marshall & Swift valuation tables with its Assessment Office product. Drawing on a staff of experienced researchers, Marshall & Swift develops and monitors building and construction cost data, and marketplace trends. Their cost database is continually updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in building occupancies, components and technologies. NovaLIS' Assessment Office fully automates property appraisal and administration practices. It combines the proven capabilities of CAMA, assessment administration systems, geographic information systems, document imaging, and workflow management technology into a complete business solution for the management and valuation of real and personal property. (NovaLIS, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)