EnerQuest Systems LLC has developed a technology, named SILC (Spectral Imagery LIDAR Composite), for the automatic classification of LIDAR points. Multispectral pixels are now associated with individual XYZ values to discriminate between roads, buildings, trees, water and other features.

The data are derived from EnerQuest’s RAMS sensors. “The precise calibration between the imaging sensors and the LIDAR unit allow for this unique solution” according to Bob Kletzli Vice President and General Manager of the Albuquerque, NM office. The Laser points are projected through collinearity equations onto their proper position on the frame array. Each laser point is then attributed with the appropriate multispectral value. This technology leverages the spectral clustering algorithms used for decades in remote sensing and combines it with the spatial attributes of high-resolution LIDAR data.

LIDAR point classification will have profound implications in the GIS and LIDAR industries. It allows for comprehensive analysis and individual feature identification and classification at a level of accuracy and detail previously unavailable. The data will now provide a rich environment for rapid visualization, analysis and utilization, in support of GIS and geospatial applications.