GeoMedia Grid software combines the strengths of GeoMedia vector GIS capabilities with grid analysis tools.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced that GeoMedia Grid 5.0, an advanced, fully integrated grid analysis toolkit for GeoMedia, is now shipping worldwide. Built as a collaborative effort with Keigan Systems, the new product combines the strengths of GeoMedia's vector GIS capabilities and the power of grid analysis tools within a single GIS environment. An integrated GIS environment provides the most efficient setting to explore spatial relationships dynamically and enables mapping, GIS, and IT professionals to produce more insightful results as they compare, combine, and relate vector and grid data. In addition, GeoMedia Grid's capability to move seamlessly from a vector to grid environment and back to vector allows users to easily apply the analysis and modeling method that is best suited to any given stage of an analysis workflow in applications such as crime mapping, incident mapping, business planning, hydrologic engineering, spill mapping, habitat modeling, least cost routing, troop movement, corridor mapping, field of fire mapping, and tower locating.

Featuring leading-edge technologies and an expanded set of grid tools, Intergraph's GeoMedia Grid is ideal for solving geospatial analysis problems for hot spot (spatial cluster) analysis, flow characterization analysis, surface analysis, viewshed analysis, relationship modeling, and data visualization. Key new features available in GeoMedia Grid 5.0 include:

  • Conversion between grid and vector features
  • Grid/raster reprojection and rubbersheeting
  • Grid overlay analysis
  • Surface creation and analysis functions
  • Improved interpolation utilities
  • Zonal, focal, and regional features for measurement, characterization, and statistics
  • 3D visualization
  • Grid classification facilities
  • Grid data editing
  • Hydrological data processing (watershed delineation and stream segmentation)
  • Support for all standard formats -- DEM DTED, remote sensory imagery, and scanned images

Developers can use GeoMedia Grid COM-compliant objects to enhance existing applications with custom commands or to create spatial analysis solutions for specific applications and users groups. Intergraph's GeoMedia Grid enables developers to:

  • Build a customized raster/vector GIS
  • Create push-button solutions for clients
  • Add map viewing and manipulation facilities to existing applications
  • Combine grid tools with GeoMedia functionality
  • Build tailored spatial models

Because GeoMedia Grid objects can be used in rapid application development environments, such as Microsoft Visual Basic and C++, grid processes can be effectively and tightly integrated into day-to-day operations. The new product also comes with an extensive MS HTML Help feature that defines the methods and properties of each object and control.

For more information about GeoMedia Grid, visit Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions' Web site at