Powerful total station with graphical color interface gives surveyors more field guidance and control over data.

Trimble introduced a new advanced surveying system — the 5600 Total Station with the industry's first on-board, Windows CE-based Attachable Control Unit (ACU). Featuring color graphical capabilities never before offered in a total station, the new 5600 Total Station is designed to allow surveyors to work smarter and faster, providing unprecedented productivity and workflow efficiency levels.

The new 5600 Total Station offers an extraordinary level of versatility and speed, with a wide variety of configurations possible: on-board, servo, Autolock or robotic, with ACU attached to the instrument or a robotic rover pole. The 5600 series features the industry’s longest measuring DR (reflectorless) total stations, saving time and increasing safety for surveyors and other measurement professionals.

In robotic or Autolock mode, the 5600 features active target technology for 100-percent secure tracking of the remote target. The 5600 is also upgradable. The servo-driven total station provides a solid platform for automation, making it easy for customers to upgrade to an Autolock or robotic configuration. Each upgrade delivers significant increases in productivity for the customer.

The 5600’s ACU controller provides a color graphical, interactive user interface capable of operating as part of the total station or as a standalone tool. All field data can be recorded in one file, accessible with one user interface.

The ACU controller is a Windows CE-based system and customers can select to run either the Trimble Survey Controller or Trimble Survey Pro software. Both software packages offer distinct advantages in data collection. And since Trimble Survey Pro is based on the TDS Survey Pro software, it is very easy for TDS users, and others, to use.

Using the ACU touch-screen, users can simply tap the graphic of the option they wish to select for maximum speed and ease of use. Equipped with the ACU controller, the 5600 Series of servo-driven Total Stations is ideal for data visualization, navigation, data selection, positioning, stakeout, and control work.

Its dynamic interactivity means that users receive more field guidance and have greater control over data since they can see all data that has been collected or staked. As a result, omissions and other mistakes are eliminated and a more complete and accurate survey is produced. With the convenience and power of the 5600 Total Station, users will no longer need a full PC in the field.

Trimble’s new 5600 Total Station with the ACU controller and Trimble Survey Controller software, is available now through Trimble’s Engineering and Construction Division dealer network. The 5600 Total Station with the ACU controller and Trimble Survey Pro will be available in the fourth quarter of 2002.