Eastman Kodak Company's Research Systems Inc. (RSI) is celebrating 25 years of excellence with the release of several new products. RSI provides robust software solutions for quickly visualizing and analyzing complex data and images used by scientists, engineers and medical professionals.

RSI's benchmark products include IDL software, a programming language for data analysis, visualization, and cross-platform application development; and ENVI software for the analysis and visualization of remote sensing data. New products being released in commemoration of RSI's 25th anniversary include the IDL Student Edition and Watsyn, a medical imaging software package for medical application development and deployment (see related news release dated June 17, 2002). Product upgrades being released include IDL 5.6, ENVI 4.0, IDL on the Net (ION) 1.6 and FLAASH 2.0.

Since its founding in 1977, RSI's customer base has grown to more than 150,000 users from the research and scientific community, government organizations and commercial markets for medical, remote sensing, defense, exploration, engineering, automotive and aerospace applications. Customers are located in over 80 countries worldwide.

IDL was originally developed by David Stern while at the University of Colorado. Working with a team of scientists interpreting data from the Mariner Mars 7 and 9 space probes, Stern needed a computer language that provided for easier, faster application development, data analysis and visualization. Stern developed IDL as a software language that allowed scientists to test hypotheses without employing a programmer to write or modify individual applications.

In September 2000, RSI was acquired by Eastman Kodak Company to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary. As part of Kodak's Commercial and Government Systems business unit, RSI augmented Kodak's extensive image analysis capabilities by offering image visualization and analysis tools.

Today, RSI offers software solutions in addition to extensive professional services, including on-site training, consulting and technical support. RSI has over 150 employees and offices in France, Italy and the United Kingdom.