Boston Harbor, Olympia, Wash., offers Survey/Civil Solutions for AutoCAD, including all the programs needed within AutoCAD to create legal descriptions, plat maps, records of survey, contouring, volumetric computations and fully documented surveying and engineering maps and plans.

Survey/Civil Solutions runs only in AutoCAD and supports only full versions of AutoCAD, including AutoCAD Release 2002, 2000i, 2000, R12-14 and AutoCAD Map. The software runs inside other Autodesk products that utilize the full AutoCAD engine, such as AutoCAD Land Development Desktop. The software runs on Win95, Win98, Win98SE, Windows Me, Win NT 4.0, Win2000, XP, and will run on DOS provided one of the aforementioned operating systems is also being used as the primary operating system. Survey/Civil Solutions for AutoCAD is Network Ready. The software is provided with a Pop Down Menu System containing all functions and programs. The SCSA menu also provides a toggle to/from the standard AutoCAD pop down menu system.

Highlights of Survey/Civil Solutions for AutoCAD include a variety of surveying and COGO functions, such as a coordinate data base, automatically numbering AutoCAD entities globally including elevation, set point by slope reduction, set point by radial side shot, radial stake out, COGO proportionate distance line and more. Visit