Software tool will aid aerial photographers, photogrammetrists and surveyors.

DeLorme, Yarmouth, Maine, released XMap PhotoFlight, a software tool for aerial photographers, photogrammetrists and surveyors. The software automatically lays out accurate aerial photography flight plans in minutes including flight lines, trigger points and altitude. XMap PhotoFlight is the only system on the market that uses a corrected USGS Digital Elevation Model to accurately position flight lines and optional photo trigger points. It comes with topographic maps of the entire United States in 2-D and 3-D. It also features a digital elevation model that accurately positions flight lines and optimal photo trigger points to ensure desired photo overlap. Each plan generates a file containing the flight lines for the CCNS and a file containing the trigger points for the camera system. In addition, the software can output mission statistics such as number of photos, can create plans for “Block” and “Corridor” flights, and can import target areas from ShapeFiles. It can estimate the number of models needed for photogrammetric operations, display latitude, longitude and elevation of any point on a map.