ESRI, Redlands, Calif., released ArcView 8.1 with Visual Basic Applications (VBA). ArcView, a desktop GIS and mapping software, provides data visualization, query, analysis and integration capabilities along with the ability to create and edit geographic data. With VBA, ArcView 8.1 users can perform customization needs with less development effort. ArcView 8.1 with VBA included is currently available for Windows NT and Windows 2000.

ArcView 8.1 includes new architecture and is designed with an intuitive Windows user interface. Customization is performed using the built-in Microsoft VBA scripting capabilities or a COM-compliant programming language such as Visual Basic or Visual C. The open programming environment allows users to further extend the ArcView 8.1 with their own custom commands, tools, menus and modules using the scripting capabilities of built-in VBA.

VBA is a development technology for customizing packaged applications and integrating them with existing data and systems. VBA offers programming tools based on Microsoft Visual Basic, which developers can use to harness the power of packaged applications. COM-compliant language, such as Visual Basic or Visual C, can be used to further customize and extend ArcView 8.1. ArcView 8.1 users also will be able to share scripts and customizations with ESRI's ArcEditor and ArcInfo users.

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