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The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) launched its new, online National Water Information System (NWISWeb), http://water.usgs.gov/nwis/.

The site allows the public to access more than 100 years of water data collected by the federal earth science agency. This data can be used to evaluate current water supplies and plan for future supplies; forecast floods and droughts; operate reservoirs for hydropower, flood control, or water supplies; evaluate and control water quality; navigate rivers and streams; and safely fish, canoe, kayak or raft.

NWISWeb data is compiled from more than 1.5 million USGS water data collection stations. In addition, the NWISWeb system contains 63.2 million chemical analyses, 181 million daily streamflow values, 622,000 flood peak discharges and 7.2 million ground-water level measurements.

Users can customize how they want the data to be displayed, create their own bookmarks and access a search feature.