Seven new ToolBoxes have been added to Visual PE 9.1.0 representing a new level of functionality for users.

CAiCE Software Corporation announced the version release of Visual PE 9.1.0. Visual PE 9.1.0 represents the next phase in CAiCE’s plans to provide timely enhancements and updates to its’ products. Seven (7) new ToolBoxes have been added to Visual PE 9.1.0 representing a new level of functionality for users. The product also includes over 90 new commands and enhancements as well as numerous dialog box and user interface enhancements making the software more intuitive and project friendly. The new version is compatible with Windows XP, AutoCAD 2002 and MicroStation V8. In addition, new visualization capabilities for improved 3D imaging have been added and over 150 customer support incidents have been resolved.

Specifically, key highlights include:

  • Improved utilities for annotating profiles, points, and survey chains on profile sheets.
  • Enhanced 3D modeling and visualization capabilities.
  • Significant improvements to cross-section editing operations.
  • Compatibility with AutoCAD 2002 & MicroStation V8.
  • Enhancements to CAiCE’s Smart Objects technology, including the ability to load smart object shapes into a DTM surface, and to draw projected smart object shapes on a profile grid.
  • The addition of 7 new Visual ToolBoxes:
    • Geotechnical ToolBox that provides a collection of utilities to graphically plot geotechnical borehole logs.
    • Integration with the FHWA’s IHSDM highway safety analysis and design software.
    • Integrated Survey ToolBox that consolidates a variety of Visual CAD commands, VBA macros, and external programs related to surveying operations.
    • A Street Intersection ToolBox for laying out the geometry and grading of roadway intersections in a three-dimensional modeling environment.
    • Integration with LandXML to import and export survey, design, and DTM data.
    • Leica Link translator for exporting various types of data from Visual PE to Leica data collectors for field stakeout operations.
    • The Trimble Link for exchanging various types of data between Visual PE and Trimble surveying equipment.
    • A Visualization ToolBox that makes it easy to produce realistic images with a combination of surface models, image files, and smart objects.
  • Updates to over 200 commands in the Online Help and over 1,000 “What’s This” Help fields.
  • The addition of “What’s This” Help in Visual Drainage.
  • New features in Visual Drainage related to open channel definition, Tc Calculator methodology, basin delineation, global editing of an entire network, and Rational method hydrology.
  • Numerous enhancements to Visual Landscape, that includes improved placement and editing of plants and irrigation components.
  • New VBA objects, methods, and properties making macros more powerful and easier to use.
  • Compatibility with Windows XP.
  • A new MSI based installation script with silent install capabilities.
  • Over 150 resolved customer support incidents.
  • Changes to menus, messages, prompts, and dialog boxes throughout the system to provide a more consistent and logical user interface.
  • Removal of obsolete commands from the menus.