The SPOT USA Select nationwide mosaic of satellite imagery is complete, with the incorporation of the final cloud-free scenes. USA Select is the most current, detailed large area GIS database ever created from satellite imagery. Most of the imagery for this true color, 10 meter resolution digital product was collected over the last 3 years, and represents the highest quality imagery available of the U.S.

"USA Select broke the code on making imagery readily accessible to large GIS enterprises, state governments, Federal agencies, certain parts of the U.S. Defense Dept. and to private companies such as DeLorme Mapping and others," explains Clark Nelson, Senior Director of Marketing. "Low cost, high quality, off-the-shelf accessibility and flexible licensing were all part of the basic concept behind this product."

"I-cubed is excited to play the role of the primary production partner for this landmark project," explains Russ Cowart, President of i-cubed. "This is the largest domestic satellite imaging mosaic ever assembled, encompassing over 4,000 scenes. It is unique in that the end-user will never have to use the concept of a "scene" again; now they just tell us about their area-of-interest and they instantly get their imagery! Our technical expertise and SPOT's marketing savvy have created a great product that has set new standards for the image and GIS industry." See:

"The State of Pennsylvania purchased 10 meter USA Select 2 years ago, and is using the dynamic update program to get 5m and 2.5m upgrades over the next 3 years," reports Kenneth Giffhorn, Deputy Secretary, Office of Management & Technical Services, Department of Environmental Protection. "This has been well integrated into all phases of our state and regional GIS program. In fact, we just purchased an additional statewide dataset of 10m multispectral from the new SPOT 5 satellite to complement the original USA Select offering." See:

"Kentucky purchased statewide coverage, and continues to use it today as an essential base layer for GIS work throughout the state. The data are also being incorporated as ancillary datasets for creation of data products for a recently funded NASA grant," according to Susan Carson Lambert, Principal Investigator Kentucky Landscape Snapshot. See:

USA Select has seen its greatest sales to state governments to support their GIS activities. The first state, California, was sold in August 2000, and the product continues as a major success today. With the launch of SPOT 5 in May 2002, state clients are ordering 2.5m and 5m updates and upgrades.