Enables users to quickly create reports using design data created by any software application that can write LandXML data.

Autodesk Inc. announced a new software extension, the LandXML Report Generator, for surveyors, land planners and civil engineers. The extension, announced at the International Highway Engineering Exchange Program (IHEEP) conference, automates the creation of reports on critical project design data and helps users meet submittal requirements for project bidding and planning.

The extension works with project data created in Autodesk Land Desktop 3, Autodesk Civil Series, or any software application that writes LandXML data to take advantage of LandXML’s flexibility and openness. This allows customers to own their data and utilize it within the schema, irrespective of the application used to create it. In addition, users can easily and quickly generate reports with a style sheet type approach.

Key new features and benefits of the LandXML Report Generator are:

  • Customized Reports—Users can create their own customized report formats, including company logo and project name, for more professional appearance
  • Data Transformation—Efficiently and accurately transform data from one format to another saving time while maintaining data integrity and precision
  • Meet Output Specifications—Create reports for design data that match specific output requirements and store them for future reuse
  • Save as Text—Open reports as HTML and save as text giving users the ability to insert the tables and reports back into the drawings or view in non-HTML viewers
  • Common Templates—Select from a variety of report templates for points, pipes, terrain models, and roads, including the ability to customize them Autodesk and CAiCE Software at IHEEP

In addition to the LandXML Report Generator announcement at the IHEEP conference, Autodesk and CAiCE Software will be jointly exhibiting together for the first time since Autodesk announced its intention to acquire CAiCE. Attendees are invited to stop by the booth to learn more about the anticipated acquisition of CAiCE by Autodesk and how the company intends to leverage CAiCE’s expertise to build the powerful software tools for the transportation industry. The LandXML Report Generator, expected to be available in October, will be available via download from the Autodesk Subscription Program. For an annual fee, the yearly maintenance program is an alternative approach to most major product upgrades, providing licensed users with incremental, feature-enhancing Autodesk extensions that boost functionality. The program also provides downloadable e-Learning courses and optional direct online support. For further information on the Autodesk Subscription Program, visit www.autodesk.com/subscription. For more information on LandXML and LandXML.org, visit www.landxml.org.