Transportation-specific demonstrations highlight better integration capabilities for CAD and GIS data, engineering design, and field operations.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions (Booths 9 & 10), is showcasing its enterprise geospatial solutions at the Highway Engineering Exchange Program, HEEP 2002, today through Sept.19. Attendees will see demonstrations of industry-proven GeoMedia(R) technology solutions and discover how transportation professionals can gain immediate access to roadway project, asset, and event information along the transportation network. Among the breadth of products being highlighted in the Intergraph booth are the company's recently released version 5.0 of GeoMedia Transportation Manager and GeoMedia Transportation Analyst for linear referencing and spatial analysis. Intergraph is also hosting presentations that demonstrate how the use of GeoMedia technology for the management and analysis of geospatial data increases productivity and cost-effectiveness.

David Kingsbury, managing director of Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions' Transportation Competency Center, commented, "Because Intergraph focuses on delivering enterprisewide geospatial solutions, we continue to bring first-class tools to make engineering organizations more efficient, from project planning to implementation. We are thrilled to be demonstrating more transportation-specific functionality than ever before at HEEP 2002, a venue recognized for its valuable exchanges on emerging challenges and issues in highway and bridge engineering. Today, Intergraph is highlighting the company's advanced methods for integrating CAD with GIS, innovations to seamlessly connect field and desktop operations, and enhanced tools for linking and improving engineering design and planning."

Industry-proven technology on display
Attendees will experience Intergraph's latest geospatial technology that addresses workflows specific to transportation engineering through these key product demonstrations:

  • GeoMedia Transportation Manager and GeoMedia Transportation Analyst - GeoMedia Transportation Manager and GeoMedia Transportation Analyst, add-on software products to GeoMedia and GeoMedia Professional, enable the development, maintenance, and analysis of a transportation linear referencing system (LRS). Users can visualize their organization's inventory of assets more clearly than with traditional tabular reports. Software capabilities to create map features that represent pavement conditions, accident data, and average daily traffic help provide business-critical information for intelligent decision making.
  • IntelliWhere OnDemand - IntelliWhere OnDemand is a low-cost, off-the-shelf software product for personal digital assistants (PDAs). Working in an occasionally connected mode, field personnel such as appraisers, property inspectors, and surveyors can extract data from the GIS, view it, work in disconnected mode, and then synchronize updates back to the corporate enterprise system using a cradle or wireless connection.
  • GeoMedia-Hansen Interface - New enhancements for the GeoMedia-Hansen Interface allow Hansen users to select a single roadway in the Hansen Roadway Module and connect directly with GeoMedia, displaying all the asset/inventory located or referenced on that roadway in a tree view. This product enables DOT professionals to see the actual location of roadway inventory on a real-world map.
  • GeoMedia Grid - GeoMedia Grid is a new, powerful grid analysis solution that is fully integrated with GeoMedia version 5.0. Combining the strengths of vector GIS with the power of grid analysis tools, GeoMedia Grid will enable users to seamlessly apply corridor planning, watershed analysis, and other workflows from within GeoMedia.
  • GeoMedia WebMap - GeoMedia WebMap is the only Web-based map visualization tool that links in real time to one or more GIS warehouses to publish up-to-date information to users. GeoMedia WebMap puts GIS information on an intranet or the Internet, where users can access vector-based smartmaps that contain hyperlinks.

Intergraph will also show a technology preview of the company's GeoMedia Image product for on-the-fly transformation of an image to the coordinate space of the geoworkspace.

Intergraph-hosted presentations at HEEP Intergraph technical experts will be presenting state-of-the-art productivity solutions in the following sessions:

  • GeoSpatial Web Solutions: Open CAD/GIS Integration That Works - This session examines possible approaches for disseminating large volumes of CAD and other flat file formatted data. Attendees can compare and contrast the methods of data dissemination and view a demonstration of a Web site built from a large collection of CAD files.
  • The Ohio Department of Transportation's processes and strategy for building an accurate LRS basemap for all the public roads in the state of Ohio - Attendees will discover how the Ohio Department of Transportation achieved its ultimate goal of including all public roads in an LRS base map with the implementation of GeoMedia technology. The Ohio LRS base map consists of more than 231,000 segments for more than 113,000 miles of public roads.
  • Taking Your Data into the Field - The presentation explores engineering field data capture applications. With the latest spatial and asset data at their fingertips, the mobile workforce can be fully prepared and informed about each job. In this session, participants will cover the current mobile technology, create a mobile enterprise, and view various workflows and examples.