PCI Geomatics and RapidEye AG announce that the initial alliance between both companies has grown into a full fledged partnership.

On September 18, 2002:

  • RapidEye AG agreed to use PCI Geomatics products as the main platform for all of its geo-data processing,
  • and PCI Geomatics invested in RapidEye AG, therefore finalizing their commitment for co-operation and setting the stage for future joint development and joint marketing.

RapidEye AG is establishing a unique satellite-based geo-data service to meet the ever-growing demand for information about the surface of the earth. The initial market focus will be on the agricultural and parts of the cartographic market. RapidEye will become the geo-information expert for insurance and food companies, farmers, national and international agencies and institutions, governments and others. These customers will receive tailor-made, high-quality and up-to-date information on a guaranteed basis.