Total stations offer automatic target recognition.

total station
Leica Geosystems, Norcross, Ga., introduced two new models of TPS700 Performance Series total stations featuring automatic target recognition (ATR).

The new TC700auto total station and TCR700auto reflectorless total station are the first of their class with ATR capability. Previously, ATR was only offered on higher-end instruments, such as Leica’s TPS1100 Professional Series.

ATR technology eliminates manual aiming, providing quicker target acquisition and more consistent precision in all situations. It also helps increase productivity by reducing the time for each measurement to just seconds. The user can program the unit for repeated measurements of the same target, and it can find targets anytime, even at night. The TCR700 auto model also features reflectorless laser distance measurement, making it possible to measure hard to reach targets.

“The incorporation of ATR capability, along with other important features such as automated surveying processes, reflectorless distance measurement, alphanumeric keyboard and integrated survey programs, makes the TPS Performance Series a powerful and user-friendly family of surveying instruments in an affordable package, giving users a decisive competitive edge,” said Hugh Baertlein, vice president, survey sales.