PliableGIS 1.1 will assist users in navigating data and more.

IDELIX Software Inc. released Version 1.1 of PliableGIS for ArcView, a visualization tool designed to provide detail in context viewing for ESRI ArcView 8.1 users.

“IDELIX has incorporated additional PDT functionality into PliableGIS 1.1 that will result in productivity gains and new reporting capabilities for ArcView users,” said Dr. David Baar, CEO of IDELIX. “PliableGIS 1.1 is a powerful tool that will assist users not only in efficiently navigating and accessing geospatial data, but also in highlighting and communicating essential local details in the full context of larger geographical regions. We believe that this will result in measurable efficiency gains and added value for our customers. With the new softcopy and hardcopy output capabilities, PliableGIS 1.1 represents the next phase in our PliableGIS for ArcView roadmap. It will be followed by more advanced versions with access to the full ArcGIS toolset, including full editing capabilities.”

PliableGIS provides a dynamic lens that enhances detail within the center of the lens. Existing Version 1.0 capabilities include customization of lens magnification scale, shape and size. Additional features of Version 1.1 include printing the data set with the PliableGIS lens, exporting the data set with the lens to bitmap, tiff and jpeg graphic formats, viewing of the lens position coordinates in a lens properties dialog box, viewing of the scale within the focal region of the lens and adding of a lens scoop control to adjust the shoulder slope of the lens.

Embedded within PliableGIS is Pliable Display Technology, a patents-pending technology created by IDELIX. PDT is unique in that it can create more space for a region of interest by redistributing space around the region without introducing occlusion. Visit