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The passing of Proposition 35 in California has met with some resistance. Proposition 35 authorizes public agencies to use the services of private sector engineers, architects, surveyors and environmental experts. Basically, it gives public agencies more flexibility to expedite much needed infrastructure projects.

Two bills, SB 924 and SB 1102, were proposed to defeat Proposition 35. The bills were sponsored by PECG, a state employees group. SB 924 would add more bureaucratic steps and delays to the delivery of energy, transportation and other infrastructure projects. SB 1102 would call into question the validity of local governments’ existing procedures and ordinances regarding the selection of design professionals.

The two bills are being met with major resistance by an ever-growing number of opponents: labor unions, local government, taxpayer groups, business groups and design organizations. Some of the problems with SB 924 and SB 1102 are the bills are regarded as “solutions in search of a problem,” they are unconstitutional, and could have major negative political impact.

According to Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California (CELSOC), if the bills pass, it will become more difficult to deliver needed projects on time and on budget. To keep up with the bills, check CELSOC’s website at www.celsoc.org.