Delphi/C++ Builder components eliminates reliance on external GIS systems.

MicroOLAP Technologies company released EasyMap Components, a library of VCL components for creating your own GIS-related solutions.

EasyMap is an easier, flexible, powerful and fast way to create GIS (Geographic Information System) applications using Borland Delphi/C++ Builder. The main advantage of EasyMap is that it doesn't require an external GIS system such as MapInfo, MapX, WinGIS or ArcView.

Easymap allows you to incorporate basic essential GIS features into your applications:

  • MIF/MID vector maps displaying in Longitude/Latitude projection;
  • Map objects related data in grid or tabular controls displaying;
  • ZoomIn/ZoomOut/Pan/Selector map tools;
  • Layers management.

The majors features of the EasyMap Library include:

  • Advanced and scalable object model: manage the map and its objects in aobject-oriented style, add your own geographic objects types andn map managing elements;
  • Independent from certain GIS system: create map layers and objects dynamically at run-time;
  • Accepts data in a wide variety of formats: in ASCII files (MIF/MID), external or internal DBMS (Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Oracle, DB/2, Interbase, Microsoft Access — using native or third party DB aware components) or in files with your own format;
  • Includes basic user tools (ZoomIn, ZoomOut, Pan, Selector, etc.), events and abilityto retrieve object data as set of properties, events and methods;
  • Additional Library Components
  • Build own GIS solution with minimal efforts in the shortest time
  • Current version supports Longitude/latitude projections and Non-Earth projections.