The LMS-Z420 has dual scanning modes and true color for rapid acquisition of high quality images.

An accurate, fully portable, three-dimensional laser-imaging scanner with dual scanners for mapping typographical targets to natural targets up to 1,000 meters has been introduced by Riegl USA of Orlando, Fla.

Designed for the rapid acquisition of high quality, dimensional images, the Riegl LMS-Z420 3D imaging scanner flexibility allows switching modes to the fit measurement requirements, while also providing true color channel resolution. The scanner provides a combination of wide field-of-view, high accuracy, very high maximum range and fast data acquistion. High accuracy mode produces accuracy levels of +/- 10 mm at up to 250 m. Long range mode maintains a +/- 20 mm accuracy up to 1,000 m.

The scanner replaces traditional labor-intensive surveying methods by dleivering dimensionally correct 3D images for analysis and monitoring of buildings and structures, quarries, mines and tunnels. It can also provide dimensional measurement of vessels, furnace, tanks and various other structures.