LizardTech Inc. Released MrSID 3.1.5 E-SDK

LizardTech Inc.released the latest version of its MrSID Encode Software Development Kit (E-SDK). The MrSID 3.1.5 E-SDK is a C++ toolkit that enables key software ISVs and GIS developers to integrate MrSID technology and natively produce MrSID imagery files in third-party applications. Key enhancements for the MrSID 3.1.5 E-SDK include the ability to create MrSID image files that are lossless and to encode images of unlimited file size. In addition, LizardTech’s industry first “image optimization” technology offers dramatic performance gains for high-resolution, high quality imagery. Features of the MrSID encode SDK 3.1.5 include an image threadsafe operation that allows simultaneous encode, optimize or decode of multiple input images into multiple MrSID images, image security and enhanced metadata compatibility. (LizardTech, Seattle, Wash.)