High resolution imagery available next year.

DigitalGlobe and Research Systems Inc. (RSI) have entered into a software agreement in which users of RSI’s ENVI software can manage and customize the QuickBird satellite imagery they purchase. QuickBird provides imagery at 61-centimeter panchromatic and 2.44-meter multispectral resolutions. DigitalGlobe will offer highest resolution imagery next year after the verification and calibration of QuickBird. By DigitalGlobe licensing its proprietary algorithm for incorporation into ENVI software, RSI will provide QuickBird imagery users tools for accurate georectification and map projection conversion as well as GIS data integration. The GIS data integration includes vector overlays, queries, editing, region of interest identification and analysis, filters for edge detection and other information extraction. It also includes 3D overlays onto terrain models with fly-through capability, fusion with other data sources such as radar data and more.