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GEOTec Media, Boulder, Colo., features Webcast content from the GIS 2001 Conference in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, on February 19-22. The site features numerous hours of sessions online at www.gisconference.com. It also allows viewers to access videos, slides and audio.

Some of the sessions included in the Webcast feature:

Nancy Tosta, vice president of Ross and Associates Environmental Consulting, who spoke on spatial technology breakthroughs and the impacts they have on the industry and society. Sam Bacharach, from Open GIS Consortium (OGC), followed with OGC’s prediction of the affects geo-enabled computing will have on various aspects of business and the world. S.J. Camarata Jr., ESRI, discussed how World Wide Web-based applications are integrated with e-commerce and IT integration. Also, Xavier Lopez, Oracle Corp., explained the geospatial advances made for databases and what the applications provide. In addition, George Moon, MapInfo Corp., predicts the future growth in wireless services.

In addition to the speakers, a mini-conference and panel were held to discuss and explore technology implementation and the future of the wireless industry. Other conferences and panels included software solutions and a GEOWorld panel discussion.

Paid registrants to the GIS 2001 conference receive free access to the Webcast, otherwise those interested can purchase a pass for $75 to view all sessions.