Technology offers high-accuracy mapping and target reacquisition of unexploded ordinance (UXO) in both wooded and open areas.

Arc Second Inc. will attend the UXO/Countermine Forum in Orlando, Fl. this September 3-6th, where it will demonstrate its Constellation3Di products. The various product configurations:
    support man-portable and vehicle-towed sensor arrays
  • work under tree canopy against buildings, and in other congested areas
  • deliver faster update rates and improved accuracy, and
  • track any number of position sensors in the same work area.

The multi-sensor capability allows the user to conduct multiple geophysical surveys at the same time, and enables the tracking of position and orientation of a geophysical sensor array, thus eliminating traditional errors that occur from sensor offsets. Arc Second also plans to offer direct integration of geophysical sensors with its position sensors, and a real-time mapping interface, later this fall.

Landmines and other unexploded ordnance pose a major threat to military personnel and to the civilian population around the world. With Constellation3Di, military and civilian organizations have an important new tool in their UXO and Countermine efforts.