Twentieth anniversary welcomes a special annual conference, a new logo and a redesign of the MAPPS web site.

The Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special annual conference, a new logo and a redesign of its web site.

The new logo was designed by the graphics department of Greenhorne & O'Mara of Greenbelt, Maryland (, a MAPPS member firm. The logo is intended to reflect the diversity of the member firms in MAPPS, which reaches far beyond photogrammetry and includes firms in all geospatial services and technology, including remote sensing, GIS, surveying, cartography, hydrography, charting, aerial and satellite imagery and other disciplines, as well as the global focus of MAPPS.

MAPPS has also launched a new design on its web site, The new site provides ease of navigation, enhanced content and improved layout. It was designed by PixelHead ( of Elmira, New York, which has designed sites for several members of Congress.

The MAPPS 20th Anniversary Annual Conference begins Friday, July 19 at the Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, California. More than 200 persons representing over 80 firms will be in attendance. The conference includes presentations on contracting opportunities and related issues by NIMA and USGS; a session by George Lee of USGS on plans for upgrading the existing aerial film camera calibration laboratory and development of a new digital airborne sensor testing facility; a presentation on risk drivers affecting professional liability of geospatial firms by Guy LeVan of Design Professionals Insurance Companies; a class on communications preferences, including Myers-Briggs Indicator testing by Susan Robinson of H&R Block; a session on implementation of QBS laws for geospatial contracts at the Federal and State level by MAPPS Executive Director John Palatiello; an oral history of MAPPS featuring its founders and past presidents; and a session on Technology, Teaming and Trends featuring Harry Voccola of NavTech, Kass Green of Space Imaging, and Ron Rabin of Lockheed Martin Space Services. A 20th Anniversary Black Tie Gala will be held at the world-renowned Monterey Aquarium. The keynote speaker is Dr. Adrian Moore, Executive Director of the Reason Public Policy Institute and head of its Privatization and Government Reform group ( The conference runs through July 23.

MAPPS was founded on July 12, 1982 in Chicago by fewer than 24 firms. Its roots date back to 1951 with its predecessor organizations, the Association of Professional Photogrammetrists, and the Legislative Council of Photogrammetry, formed in 1962.

MAPPS now has nearly 170 member firms. Its members are among the leading geospatial firms in the world. Every USGS CSC-2 (Cartographic Services Contracts) prime contractor is a MAPPS member firm -- as are numerous subcontractors in the program; every NOAA shoreline mapping prime contractor is a MAPPS member firm; every NOAA hydrographic surveying prime contractor is a MAPPS member firm; every prime contractor for geospatial services for the US Army Corps of Engineers Technical Center for Expertise in Photogrammetry is a MAPPS member firm; and the prime contractor and numerous subcontractors in the Census MAF/TIGER program is a MAPPS member firm, and more than half the prime contractors, and more than 50 subcontractors, in the NIMA Omnibus geospatial contract production program are MAPPS member firms.

The MAPPS officers are G. Michael Ritchie (Photo Science, Inc., Lexington, KY), President; Ken Fleming (Coleman Aerial Imaging, Louisville, KY), President Elect; Marvin Miller (Markhurd, Minneapolis, MN), Secretary; Don Stone (Tobin International, Ltd., San Antonio, TX), Treasurer; Terry Keating (Lucerne International, Bangor, ME, Director; Tim Lowe (Lowe Engineers, Atlanta, GA), Director; and Michael Bullock (InterMap Technologies, Englewood, CO), Director.