Special ceremony held with New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Leica Geosystems, Norcross, Ga., and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) officials recognized the 10,000th Leica NA2002 digital level in a recent presentation at NJDOT in Trenton, N.J.

The NA2002 unit bearing serial number 10,000 was part of a purchase of 18 Leica digital levels that will be used for checking and bench runs on projects alongside New Jersey highways and interstates.

The Leica NA2002 digital level uses digital electronic image processing for determining heights and distances, and records the results automatically in a REC module that can be downloaded to a computer. The accuracy and speed in use are better than a traditional level because it eliminates human error in the reading and processing of the gathered data. The level can be used for all aspects of highway surveying, for second to fourth order leveling, and topographic and construction surveying.

"The NA2002 digital level achieves time savings of up to 50 percent over conventional equipment. All of the main steps in the operation of the level, such as reading the staff, recording the data and computing the results, are completely automated, eliminating errors in reading and recording of the data," said J. Eric Kraehenbuehl, manager of survey services for NJDOT.

The NJDOT, with more than 5,500 employees, provides reliable, environmentally and socially responsible transportation and motor vehicle networks and services to support and improve the safety and mobility of people and goods in New Jersey.