Enhancements add direct output to popular formats.

The new TPS DataPRO Version 2.10 adds significant new features to Leica's suite of onboard software for field data collection and computations. The system now provides direct output to Autodesk Land Development Desktop FBK format, and to CAiCE via the SDMS data format. The direct output to these popular formats eliminates the need for additional cost and data translations. The system also provides direct output to Carlson, GEOPAK, C&G, Liscad, SDR and other major software packages.

TPS DataPRO Version 2.10 operates on all Leica TPS1100 Professional Series Total Stations, and provides full support for stand-alone, reflectorless and robotic operations, including Leica's exclusive RCS1100 remote controller.

Other enhancements to TPS DataPRO include compute and store coordinates of traverse points during topographic operations, quick toggle for running/individual point numbers, new options for storing coordinate points, display of additional data for backsight measurements and improved program navigation.

TPS DataPRO uses the same database as other Leica onboard applications, providing integrated operations for data collection, COGO, stakeout, resection/free stations, reference lines and more. In addition to TPS DataPRO's direct support for major formats, Leica TPS1100 provides onboard data conversion routines to support RW5 and ASCII coordinate lists.

Current TPS DataPRO users may upgrade at no charge by contacting their Leica Geosystems representatives, or by download at ftp://ftp.leicaatl.com/geo/tps/Total_Stations/TPS1100/apps/DataPRO.