IMAGINE OrthoBASE Pro is a new ERDAS IMAGINE add-on module.

ERDAS, Atlanta, Ga., released IMAGINE OrthoBASE Pro, a new ERDAS IMAGINE add-on module that automatically extracts Digital Terrain Models from imagery.

IMAGINE OrthoBASE Pro is an upgrade to IMAGINE OrthoBASE, a digital photogrammetry system that creates ortho-accurate images for GIS through increased automation and block triangulation techniques. IMAGINE OrthoBASE Pro uses artificial intelligence techniques to automatically extract elevation information from imagery. Digital image matching techniques automatically identify and match image points that appear on overlapping areas of a stereo pair. When the correct image positions have been identified and matched, the elevation for the ground point is automatically computed. Extracted 3D ground points are used to create a digital terrain model.

IMAGINE OrthoBASE can automatically save extracted DTMs as raster digital elevation models, triangulated irregular networks, ESRI 3D Shapefiles or ASCII output files. It also automatically extracts, subsets and mosaics individual DTMs for a project area and supports the extraction of DTMs from aerial photography, satellite imagery, digital, video and 35 mm camera imagery. The upgraded program digitizes specific geographic areas to define output DTM extent. Similarly, specific geographic areas can be defined on the imagery and excluded from automatic DTM extraction. The upgraded program can compute detailed accuracy information that is stored in an output DTM accuracy report. Visit