Ballantine & Company, Carlisle, Mass., introduced QuickAssist 2.0, an updated version of QuickAssist contact software. The program is designed specifically to provide small and medium-sized businesses with integrated communications tools. Faxes, memos, letters and mailing labels are all part of the program.

QuickAssist 2.0 Plus can store project information, create lists, coordinate project team communications and allow all documents to be cross-linked to related contacts and projects. QuickAssist 2.0 Plus also features a multi-user option that allows workgroups to share information in real time using a client/server database environment that makes contact information and documents available to everyone in a workgroup. E-mail, faxes, documents and lists can be designated as public or private.

QuickAssist 2.0 Basic combines detailed contact information functions with integrated word-processing, faxing, lists and e-mail. Both Plus and Basic offer data import and export features from database and word-processing programs.