NovaLIS Technologies, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and ESRI are working together to provide organizations that maintain digital maps with a map maintenance solution.

ESRI’s ArcGIS 8.1 (using GeoDatabase technology) combined with NovaLIS Technologies’ Parcel Editor 8.1 software, will provide a parcel mapping solution to professionals in mapping. Parcel Editor 8.1 is scheduled for release in 2002.

The steps to migrate from current methods of maintaining digital maps to those used to manage data within a GeoDatabase differ between organizations. Parcel Editor will ease the transition by enabling mapping professionals to use tools such as the COGO spreadsheet. Parcel Editor 8.1 features a series of customizable workflow palettes to aid in the productivity of property and street centerline maintenance in the ESRI GeoDatabase. Other features of the software include parcel split, parcel merge, subdivision entry, snake attribution and support for addressing. The software has a Workflow Palette Manager that integrates mapping functions customized by NovaLIS, user defined tools and off-the-shelf functions in ArcMap to build business process menus for end users. Parcel Editor 8.1 will also include default Workflow Panels, which can be added to customized Workflow Palettes. The palettes can be configured and then locked down by an administrator to ensure that all mappers in the organization update maps similarly.