Subscription/notification service to be included.

ESRI, The Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service announced that Phase 2 of GeoCommunicator is scheduled for deployment in December 2001. Phase 2 will include a subscription/notificaton service. GeoCommunicator is a website portal deployed in June 2001 that is dedicated to providing a searchable database of links to map services, geographic data sets, geoservices, spatial solutions, geospatial data clearinghouses, geographic activities and land references. GeoComunicator provides users with a virtual land community in which to subscribe to areas of interest and receive notification of activities, events and more. The site can also accommodate communication forums. Metadata and a land tools to locate specific federal land management agencies responsible for selected areas are available. GeoCommunicator is the first module of the National Integrated Land System project, which provides a GIS solution to make parcel-based land information available to the public. Visit