AutodeskannouncedAutodesk Land Desktop 3,Autodesk Civil Design 3andAutodesk Survey 3. Features of the Autodesk Land Desktop 3 include COGO and map creation, terrain modeling, alignments and parcels. The centralized project data management feature is designed to help design teams share drawing and project data. It provides automated drafting and analysis tools, logical menus, 3D terrain models, robust TIN, contour and point processing. It also features style-based controls to help meet submittal requirements and a comprehensive application programming interface. The LandXML import/export feature enables project teams to share land data. The Autodesk Civil Design 3 delivers engineering-specific capabilities for Autodesk Land Desktop and streamlines the design and drafting process of civil engineering. The vertical design editor feature enables the incorporation of engineering rules and design speeds into the road design process. Autodesk Survey 3 software extends the functionality of Autodesk Land Desktop 3. It has the ability to export Geoid model, datum grid, and a feature code library to Trimble TSC1.