Continues to expand reseller channel as interest increases in 3D physical models.

Solid Terrain Modeling (STM), manufacturer of the world's most accurate 3D solid terrain models, has added three new resellers in Spain, Ohio and Oregon. They include Anhidra Consultoria (Lleida, Spain); Worldfx,Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio); and Intervision (Eugene, Oregon).

"We have added these resellers because their markets show strong potential for our 3-D solid terrain models. Each reseller has demonstrated expertise in related disciplines and we welcome them as partners in developing a variety of application opportunities," said Gary James, STM's vice president of sales and marketing.

Anhidra Consultoria agroambiental S.L (www.anhidra,com) uses spatial interpretation technologies to provides services and supplies that focus on environmental science in geographical applications. The company has two offices in Lleida and one in Barcelona.

Anhidra is headquartered at Princep de Viana, 11, ppal 3, 25004 Lleida, Spain. Phone is +34 973 238646. Fax is +34 973 223052.

Worldfx Inc. ( manufactures advanced satellite imagery products and specializes in creating globes and large-format murals for the museum, trade show and special event industries. Their globes have also made inroads into the art world.

Worldfx is located at 2710 Coy Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219. Phone is 513-381-6727. Fax is 513-651-1229.

InterVision ( is a 20-year-old media production company, specializing in the creation of maps and terrain models, video production, interactive CD-ROM and DVD creation, database building, software development and website construction. InterVision is capable of adding computer-based features to terrain models.

InterVision is located at 261 E. 12th, Suite 100, Eugene, Oregon 97401. Phone is 541-343-7993. Fax is 541-345-5951.